About Safety

During this 16 months, I got into a lot of new situations: I’ve been invited by hundreds of strangers, slept in woods populated by boars and bears, cycled on motorways, etc… . But I’ve never really felt unsafe, and nothing bad has happened yet. And then this one night, we go out in Tbilisi, and the security guard randomly breaks my nose with his forehead. Why? Apparently there were some Iranians making trouble outside, and one of them was inside. There I was the first one crossing his path, who looked Iranian enough to beat up. Situations like this, though not so extreme, have happened numerous times back at home too. These people, literally hired to keep the place safe, are often fight happy bodybuilders, abusing their position to try out their newest moves. Nobody needs them. At least not me.

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1 Response to About Safety

  1. pierre says:

    So they don’t really make the place safer … Do you feel safer when 2 semi-soldiers are guarding the entrance when you try to enjoy your drink? Saw the same in Budapest (luckily not everywhere!). take care Lorre!

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