Güle Güle, Türkiye!

The only way to avoid the main from Trabzon to Batumi was going through the mountains again. The warm-up was a beautiful climb from sea level to 2600 meters. What followed was a stretch, that was probably a cycling paradise some years ago. A small road next to a river for 150 km to Artvin. But unfortunately it was one of those places that got completely ruined by the booming Turkish economy. It became a long battle against dust, huge trucks and new unlighted tunnels, because they were building a dozen of new dams. Luckily there were the angry villagers, gladly offering me tea, so we could complain a bit together about the building projects.

damn dams

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2 Responses to Güle Güle, Türkiye!

  1. Wannes says:

    nice pics! Lost you’re bob Yak on the road?

  2. Bryan Keith says:

    So İspir to Artvin was lousy? I’m in Borçka and was thinking of taking that road to Bayburt leaving in a couple days. Hmm…

    I rode a bit of the Çoruh road near Yusufeli coming down from Kılıçkaya (in July) and thought it was pretty nice. I’ve also ridden the Borçka-Artvin road before and didn’t like it so much, but I’m planning on going that way again anyway. This is my fourth time through Borçka.

    Enjoy Tbilisi. I had a fun month in Georgia (no broken bones),

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