Moody Days

Since I’ve left Turkey everything started going wrong. The border police assured me me that the days of island hopping to renew your visa are over, and that I have to stay out of Turkey for three months. This got me in a terrible mood and the following chain of punctures didn’t make it any better. Yesterday I cycled back from Karpaz, the peninsula in the east of  Cyprus, to Girne, with the additional blocked pedal, and I couldn’t think of a more annoying problem at that time.

But there it came. My bike started wobbling like it had never done before. Broken frame HURRAY! I wanted to take my wallet and passport out of the panniers, toss the 60kg of rubbish in the ocean, and book the first flight home. But luckily I didn’t do so and one hour later the wound was already welded by a friendly car mechanic. It didn’t look too strong, but at least I could move. Some minutes later my freshly gained smile disappeared again together with the air in my tire, and I was so fed up with it that I walked the remaining distance to Girne. The sun had already set and I thought I deserved a night in a hostel, but the only affordable place in town was fully booked, so I bought some rakı and slept on a construction site instead…

Tonight there is a ship to Turkey which I’ll board. I will tell them I don’t have a passport and get in with my identity card, which should be possible for Shengen citizens. So there is a slight chance that I can continue. Otherwise there’s a big mess to sort out.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, Northern Cyprus is a pretty nice place to be, I enjoyed my days here and had good company. I haven’t been in the south yet but possibly I have another three months to explore the rest of the island…

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4 Responses to Moody Days

  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles Laurens. If I could get it too you you could have my bike with pleasure. Carry less stuff and save your frame! Good luck moving onward!

  2. Wannes says:

    Get rid of some stuff! 40 kg less will significantly reduce your mechanical problems! Sell one kidney and loose your appendix, you don’t need them and again 700 grams saved! Good luck!

    • Hah I was already considering to sell a kidney to buy a new bike. You’re a doctor, how much they go for these days?

      • Wannes says:

        I don’t know exactly the street value at the moment. I’m a vegetarian nowadays! In the grapevine i heard you can get the price at your local takeaway chinese!

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