Back in the saddle

Except for a 2 day trip to the Black Sea and some critical mass events it’s been since the beginning of December that I seriously rode a bicycle. Combined with other unhealthy habits that are hard to avoid in Istanbul, this has resulted in 5 minutes of puffing and resting after climbing the stairs to my apartment on the third floor.

Since the purchase of my trailer I’ve been unconsciously hoarding stuff to take with me, because of the infinite amount of extra storage I gained. This only became clear to me when I packed my bike earlier today, it looked like this:

These factors won’t make it easy the first weeks but I’m really looking forward to explore the rest of Turkey. At this moment Sylvain  – a like-minded cyclist/juggler who’s spent the winter here as well – is probably flipping a coin to decide whether he’s joining me or not. Let Atatürk  make the right choice!

I/we leave tomorrow morning, or the day after, or whenever it’s possible to conquer the gravity of Istanbul.

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One Response to Back in the saddle

  1. Relying on Atatürk. You’ve become a real Turk in those few months here, Laurens. 🙂

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